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Fitness Mad Air Dome Pro 2

Fitness Mad Air Dome Pro 2

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The Fitness Mad Air Dome Pro 2 can be used for almost any exercise that is normally performed on an aerobic step or on the floor.

As the Air Dome Pro 2 is an unstable surface, exercises performed on the Air Dome Pro 2 are more dynamic working the core, making exercises both more challenging and more effective, bringing results faster. It can be used either side up.

The improved design for 2013 features a complete TPR anti-slip base to replace the rubber feet and a 5cm reduction in Dome height , which makes the Air Dome Pro II much better to use as a wobble board and for all exercises performed with the Dome to the floor.

The Air Dome Pro 2 includes eyelets for clipping on resistance tubes and an 8″ hand pump to inflate the dome.

The Air Dome Pro 2 has a height of 21cm (6.5″) when fully inflated, base diameter 59cm and a maximum user weight 140Kg (c. 300lb).

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