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Gungnir – The Allrounder – 20kg Olympic Barbell


Gungnir – The Allrounder – 20kg Olympic Barbell

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The Gungnir flagship 20KG Allrounder Premium Olympic bar with built-in collars. The SlideLock™ technology makes for a safer, tidier and more user-friendly weight lifting experience. Tested for performance, The Allrounder is a highly durable and solid bar suitable for all uses.

The SlideLock and bar have been drop tested extensively in a drop-testing rig that simulates the varieties of 15.000 real life drops at heights of 1.6 m loaded with 320 kg of plates, as well as heights of 2.2 m with 90 kg. Not to mention the hydraulic press test that proved the Slidelock can endure a vertical pressure of 15.000kg, while staying perfectly intact.

Gear specs

Bar Use  Multipurpose
Weight 20 kg / 45 lbs.
SlideLocks Titanium
Bar Length 220 cm / 86.61″
Loadable Sleeve Length 415 mm / 16.33″
Knurl Multi
Center Knurl Mild
Knurl Mark Dual
Shaft Coating Satin hard chrome
Sleeve Coating Electroless nickel deposit
SlideLock Coating No coating
Bushing Bronze Bushing
Tensile Strength 216KPSI
Whip Classic
Shaft diameter 28 mm / 1.1″
Maximum load 680 kg / 1500 lbs.

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