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Jordan Swivel Clip for Speed Ball

Jordan Swivel Clip for Speed Ball

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Podium 4 Sport are proud to offer a wide range of functional training equipment from Jordan Fitness.  Primarily designed for use in a commercial setting this high quality equipment is ideally suited for us in commercial gyms but is equally at home in home studios.  A leading authority on design and manufacture, Jordan’s wide range of products is designed around the end user resulting in intuitive equipment that is easy and enjoyable to use.

Jordan Swivel Clip is a heavy duty lockable metal swivel with link for speed ball. Speed Balls can be used in Fitness Training, Boxing and Martial Arts.


  • Smooth Action
  • Suitable for commercial use

Podium 4 Sport a leading Sports & Fitness Equipment supplier since 1979 to Schools, Sports Teams & Clubs, Gyms, Leisure Centres and individuals throughout the UK and Ireland.  We offer low prices on a huge range of high-quality Fitness Equipment, along with expert advice for Commercial Gyms, Personal Trainers and Home Users.

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<p>All Jordan Fitness products are covered by our standard limited 12 month warranty from the original date of purchase unless otherwise stated. This warranty covers products against manufacturing defects for the original purchaser; wear and tear is not covered under warranty. Products not manufactured by Jordan are covered by the manufacturer’s own warranty. </p>
<p><b><span style="text-decoration: underline;">EXCEPTIONS TO THE 12 MONTH WARRANTY PERIOD </span></b></p>
<ul class="disc" style="margin-bottom:15px;">
<li>All Urethane Coated Products are covered for 3 years against manufacturing defects (i.e. Urethane Dumbbells and Olympic/Studio Discs).</li>
<li>R2 Premium Rubber Dumbbells and Ignite Premium Rubber Dumbbells are covered for 2 years against manufacturing defects.</li>
<li>All Jordan Tornado Balls are covered for 90 days.</li>
<li>Upholstery on Benches is covered for 90 days.</li>
<p><b><span style="text-decoration: underline;">CLAIM PROCEDURE</span></b></p>
<p>Each warranty claim should be detailed on a Jordan Warranty Claim Form which can be supplied by Jordan Fitness or any of our distributors. Depending on the nature of the claim Jordan may request for photographic evidence or for the item to be returned to us for inspection.</p>
<p>If the item is deemed to be faulty within the warranty period then Jordan will repair or replace the item as deemed necessary. </p>
<p>The warranty period will continue to be from the date of the original purchase rather than the date of the replacement being supplied.</p>
<p><b><span style="text-decoration: underline;">ISSUES NOT COVERED BY THE WARRANTY</span></b></p>
<p>The following issues would not be covered by the standard warranty:</p>
<ul class="disc" style="margin-bottom:15px;">
<li>Damage resulting from misuse or neglect.</li>
<li>Anything deemed to be normal wear and tear.</li>
<li>Damage resulting from items being used on inappropriate flooring, i.e. concrete, wood or especially hard surfaces. Suitable Rubber or EVA flooring is recommended to prolong the life of your free weight and functional equipment.</li>
<li>Damage resulting from Olympic Training Discs and Competition Discs not being used on a suitable good quality Olympic Lifting Platform.</li>
<li>Chipping of the painted finish on Cast Iron products, including but not limited to Cast Iron Dumbbells, Olympic Discs and Kettlebells.</li>
<li>Any issues with superficial stickers, badges or end caps.</li>
<li>Damage resulting from throwing or dropping products that are not designed for this purpose, including but not limited to Dumbbells, Barbells and Kettlebells. Bent handles on Dumbbells is a clear sign of abuse and may exclude the product from the warranty.</li>
<li>Damage resulting from slamming products that are not designed for this purpose, including but not limited to Powerbags, Sandbag Pro and Medicine Balls.</li>
<li>Loosening of Multi Disc Dumbbells and Barbells. Regular maintenance is required for these products.</li>
<li>Any issues with flooring resulting from regular exposure to direct sunlight or heat sources.</li>
<li>Any damage resulting from use with racks and storage solutions not sourced from Jordan Fitness. For example Rubber/Cast dumbells should be stored on Jordan Dumbbell racks which feature saddles to increase the lifetime of the product.</li>
<li>Any associated carriage costs. </li>
<p>Certain products must be bolted to the floor for safe use. Including but not limited to: </p>
<p>-          Power Racks</p>
<p>-          Dual Adjustable Pulley</p>
<p>-          Core Plate</p>
<p>-          Smith/Power Rack</p>
<p>-          Suspension Training Stations</p>
<p>-          Chin/Dip/Knee Raise</p>
<p>-          Functional Training Rigs</p>
<p> </p>