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Sports Floors – Refurbishment, Repair and Relining


Gym and Sports Hall wood floors suffer high use. A build up of dirt, grease and other contaminants can leave the floor surface looking dull and lifeless. The sports markings can wear off and it soon becomes a necessity to restore the floors and breathe new life into them. Using this process we will strip the floor back before reapplying any relevant line markings and resealing the surface.


This process allows the wooden floor to be taken back to the bare timber surface, removing any old lacquers or painted lines. The floor is left with a smooth finish ready for
the new applications of seal and line markings.



After sanding the floors are thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris left from the sanding process. A vital part of the process as any remaining dirt can effect the finish of the new floor.

Line Markings

 From single courts to multi-games, this step involves the application of the new court lines pre-agreed with the customer.


The final step in the process, the application of a sealant to protect the newly finished flooring.

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